How to secure a flat screen tv from theft

Anti-theft TV mount

Securing Your Flat Screen TV from Theft

Having your flat screen television stolen can be heartbreaking, inconvenient, and costly. With TVs getting thinner and more expensive every year, it's crucial to take measures securing your flat screen against theft. Luckily, with the right theft-deterrent tools and techniques, you can protect your investment and prevent your flat screen from being an easy target.

Flat screen TV theft

Protecting Your Investment: Securing Your Flat Screen TV

Do a Risk Assessment

Start by doing a security assessment of your home to identify vulnerabilities a thief could exploit to swipe your flat screen TV. Consider the following:

  • Is your TV visible from windows or doors? Closing blinds and curtains can remove the temptation.
  • Is your yard gate, garage door, or home entrance insecure? These access points should be locked.
  • Do you have a security system with motion sensors? Cameras can also catch criminals in the act.
  • Is your TV mounted securely on the wall? Additional anti-theft mounts add security.

By identifying weak spots in your home security, you can focus your efforts on problem areas.

Choose a Secure Mounting Method

Carefully mounting your flat screen television is one of the best theft deterrents. Don't simply place your TV on a stand - it takes seconds to grab. Properly mounting it to the wall or ceiling makes swiping it much harder. Here are smart mounting techniques:

Wall mounted TV security
  • Invest in a commercial-grade TV mount designed for security. Look for models made of reinforced steel with tamper-proof fasteners.
  • For the most security, choose a mount that allows you to fix your TV flush to the wall with no space behind for thieves to tamper.
  • Avoid articulating mounts which extend your TV away from the wall. These are easier to detach than fixed, flush mounts.
  • Make sure your mount is safely anchored into wall studs using long, hardened steel lag bolts. This prevents the mount from being ripped out.
  • Consider installing a lockable anti-theft enclosure over your wall-mounted TV for maximum security. These steel boxes have protected openings to view the TV.

Strategically Position Your TV

Where you place your flat screen within a room can also make it less enticing for thieves:

  • Avoid mounting near windows or doors where it's visible. Place the TV on an interior wall.
  • Position it high up on the wall or ceiling so it's not easily accessible.
  • Mount it in a central, open room rather than down a side hallway.
  • Make sure it's clearly visible from high-traffic areas of your home.

By carefully planning placement, your TV is harder to reach and less obvious to spot.

Deter Window Entry

For flats screen TVs visible from windows, deter window entry by:

  • Installing security film on windows near the TV to make them more resistant to shattering.
  • Placing thorny rose bush or prickly plants below windows to discourage entry.
  • Using window vibrating alarms that trigger when the glass vibrates.
  • Lighting up the yard at night with motion sensor lighting.

Making windows more difficult to smash and enter stops thieves from targeting visible TVs.

Secure Doors & Access Points

Since doors are a primary entry point, make sure all home entrances are properly secured:

  • Use high-quality deadbolt locks on exterior doors and secure the deadbolt into the door frame with long screws.
  • Install transition strip door alarms on exterior doors to be alerted when they're opened.
  • Reinforce sliding glass doors with dowels or pins in the frame.
  • Keep garage doors closed and make sure automatic openers are encrypted.
  • Lock yard gates, basement doors, pet doors, etc. to eliminate easy access.
  • Trim bushes and trees around doors so there’s no place for thieves to hide.

Properly locking down all entryways deters smash-and-grab jobs and blocks easy access to steal your TV.

Disguise Your TV with a Cover

For outdoor TVs especially, a specially designed cover from can both protect and disguise your expensive flat screen. Benefits of an ACP outdoor tv cover include:

outdoor tv cover
  • Made of heavy-duty vinyl material that blocks views of the TV.
  • Looks like a piece of patio furniture, not a TV.
  • Prevents weather damage to outdoor TVs when not in use.
  • Built-in locks and cut-resistant material deter theft attempts.
  • Variety of color options blend into outdoor decor.

Disguising and securing your outdoor flat screen TV with a cover makes it far less appealing for potential thieves scoping out targets.

Anti-theft television cover

Get a Monitored Security System

A professionally monitored home security system adds crucial protection for your high-value possessions like flat screen televisions. Here’s how it safeguards your TV:

  • Motion sensors can detect when someone enters a room and trigger an alarm before they reach your TV.
  • Perimeter sensors on doors/windows notify monitoring staff if any are opened.
  • Video cameras let you remotely monitor rooms with TVs and record thieves in the act.
  • Audible alarms can frighten intruders and alert neighbors of a break-in.
  • Cellular backup keeps the system active even if landlines are cut.

Monitored security provides 24/7 intelligent monitoring your TV when you're away from home.

Use Hidden Identification

In case your flat screen does get stolen, use hidden identification make it easier to recover:

  • Record your TV's make, model and serial number in a photo inventory in case police recover it.
  • Engrave your driver's license number discreetly on the back/bottom of the TV frame for tracing.
  • Register electronics with your local police department's theft deterrence program for returning lost/stolen goods.
  • Hide a connected GPS tracking device on your TV to secretly track its location if stolen.

Having traceable identifying details can help get your flat screen returned if it ultimately gets pilfered.

Preventing flat screen TV theft requires multiple layers of security. By combining proactive placement, heavy-duty mounts, window/door sensors, outdoor TV covers, home surveillance and hidden identification, you can feel reassured your valuable TV investment is safe, secured, and guarded against would-be thieves. Don't become a victim of flat screen theft – take preventative measures today.


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